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Mediums for Education

Everything to create anything. Here’s to inspiring the next generation of creatives.

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Being bold yet understated has opened up our brand to many collaborators and partners in our short but impactful run since our relaunch. With clients from many industries including but not limited to : fashion, real estate, hospitality, technology, banking, luxury and more - it has built a portfolio that proves the adaptability and effortless application of our ecosystem to all groups of customers. From workshops to events to exclusive products to corporate gifting, our products has taken many moments and events to the next level. Today we’re excited to announce our venture in to elevating experiences in education. With countless services branching out and crafted by the same team who made the products, Mediums for education delivers unparalleled cohesion between the product ecosystem and the derived services

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Our Story

Founded by a student - For us, it’s personal

Our founder and ceo, Kasidit Prasitrattanaporn started Mediums during his sophomore year in high school - with covid and cancelled exams, he wanted to make something out of that summer. As a student studying art himself, he found finding supplies that were beautiful, high quality and reasonably priced incredibly hard to find - and with that, Mediums was born. From paints to brushes to stationery, every product was crafted with love and understanding - we’re on a mission to democratize art, make it not scary but something that is intriguing and thought provoking. So as we said, for us, it’s not just another job - it’s personal.

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Services for Schools and Universities

Wholesale for Education

Offer your students and teachers products that they’ll simply, fall in love with

Switch to reimagined creative and stationery essentials with world class certifications and a focus on simplicity. Stock up supplies for the classroom, school shop, welcome sets and more.

For educational partners, mediums offers competitive pricing, pre-orders, flexible payment options, bespoke products and a personal sales representative.

Gifting + Prizes

Something a little different, something they’ll remember

A gift they’ll remember for a lifetime with something a little different from usual. Work with us to integrate your branding with our simple and understated products.

Select products and gift packaging that suits your purpose whether that be gifts to parents, welcome packs, student awards and more.

Fairs + Booths

Unique products in the comfort of your own… school

For schools and universities, we offer a pop up kiosk available on request with a curated selection of our products for purchase.

Events and Workshops

A incredibly laid back and fun entry into art

An experience they’ll remember for a lifetime - from workshops to social gatherings to events tailored to festive occasions, let's get the planning started!


Not Just a Supplier

More than just wholesale, Mediums offers a partnership

A partnership that creates value and maximizes success for both parties. More than just wholesale, Mediums offers a partnership - one that will allow for growth, mutual brand values and most importantly, be able to both give back to the community. With your first order/contract (with minimum purchase value), a Mediums for Education account will be opened in your institution's name and start conversations for activities, services and partnerships.

Simple Rollout with Free Additional Activities

After your first order/contract, choose from a range of activities, pop-up booths, talks/seminars, workshops and more to open up and shake up excitement for art in your school community - and guess what, it's on us! And, no it doesn't just stop at fun workshops either, we are able to execute seminars and activities on other fields to help students learn from real world experts on Management, Startups, Design, Marketing and more!

Giving back to the community, together

Mediums promises to rebate up to 10% of your purchase value to community partnerships. We invite schools to encourage groups of students to go out with a team of our staff to spread creativity to the local community - whether that be under-resourced schools or charities in the local area. We provide all the art supplies and a couple professional tutors, you bring along some of your students and let's create an amazing experience for the community.

A skill for life

Planning for great education doesn't just end at the end of a school day or when they graduate - Mediums products are crafted for simplicity at it's core and so the ecosystem itself promotes usage for leisure and treating yourself to time away from screens and time for yourself. Art education isn't just great because it can become a career but it's an amazing tool to achieve balance in one's life and in such a busy and hectic world - be able to take a pause to create something beautiful.

Switch to Mediums

Keep your campus light years ahead

Mediums builds products with focus, a focus for simplicity. We build products that rather than get in the way, opens up possibilities for everyone to create anything without friction. We want more people to create beautiful things, we want people to understand the importance of art and creativity - that’s why we get up in the morning.

World Class Certifications

Stay worry free with our world-class safety and quality assurance certifications. Only the best for the best.

Wide Client Portfolio

As mediums also sells direct to consumer, our proof of concept stretches wider than just business clients. Most importantly, their loving everything.

Personalised Shopping

Clients aren’t just another line in an excel sheet for us, we consider all our clients as partners - keeping the converstation flowing on how to better both our customer experiences through our collaboration.

Spring 2023

Mediums Brand Book

Every season, we update out brand book to best tell our story with brand new updates about product directions, collections and more. Our updated book for Spring 2023 is now available.

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